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Our Commitment to Ocean Conservation

The ocean, teeming with life and mystery, is a delicate ecosystem that requires protection and understanding. We at Cape Shark Adventures have taken it upon ourselves to contribute significantly to ocean conservation through our approach to shark encounters and our dedication to educating the public about these curious creatures. One of the core pillars of Cape Shark Adventures' conservation efforts lies in using social media as a powerful tool to educate the masses about sharks and dispel the negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media. The portrayal of sharks as ruthless, mindless predators has contributed to widespread fear and misunderstandings [...]

Disappearance of the Great White Sharks

For many years, Gansbaai has been internationally recognised as the “Great White Shark Capital of the World” for its very high abundance of white sharks. However, the number of white sharks in Gansbaai and South Africa has significantly decreased over the last few years. A popular theory behind the disappearance of white sharks from Gansbaai is that they have been chased out of the area due to an increase in predation pressure by orcas. While this poses a significant threat to the white shark population in South Africa, the number of white sharks started declining in 2013, a few [...]

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