Gansbaai, a small fishing town nestled between rolling mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, was formerly known as the Mecca of the Great White Shark. Our expert team at Cape Shark Adventures will take you on a thrilling shark cage diving experience, where you’ll meet and learn about copper sharks, seals, penguins, stingrays and (between June and November) possibly even whales and great white sharks! 

Gansbaai is a two-and-a-half hour drive along a beautiful road from Cape Town International Airport. Beyond Cape Towns city centre, a host of sun-soaked, nature-driven experiences await – including the best shark cage diving to be found along the rugged coastline.

The Great White Shark and other shark species found around our coast are the subject of ground-breaking research. Young scientists and university students from around the world gain valuable experience in the field for their careers in marine science in these waters.


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Lose sight of the shore and explore our planet’s blue heart. We are powered by passion and unwaveringly committed to protecting and conserving the unique marine eco-system.

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With Copper Sharks inhabiting the ocean for 12 months of the year, Gansbaai is famously known for its shark cage diving. The picturesque town is also famous for whale watching between June and November. The gentle whisper of the waves and intoxicating sea breeze brings people back time and again. 


We will collect you from your front door if you are staying in Gansbaai (longer transfers are also available at an additional cost), and when we take you back home, you will have uncovered a mystery and made lifelong memories. You will spend maximum two-and-a-half hours at sea, but after that, it will wash through you forever.

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